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Potty Time

Joyful. Peaceful. Clear. Committed. Are you ready to be DONE with diapers but unsure if/ how to proceed? Peaceful, gentle, respectful parenting can definitely be conducive to early, respectful potty learning. TOGETHER we will leave the M&M’s, stress, and DIAPERS behind.
If you are ready to be DONE with diapers for the sake of your wallet, the earth, and your child's health, and your child is between 9 - 30 months old - THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! 

(The same principles can be used with older children. The course includes a bonus on power struggles, but will not go into detail in the main content in regards to power struggles that are common with older children.)

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Part 1/ Potty Prep
Part 2/ Potty Beginnings
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Bonus 2/ Power Struggles

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